Thai Air Force Buy LANZA 3D Radar

On September 11, Indra announced that he was awarded a contract to offer LANZA 3D radar including the delivery of other equipment such as Indra AirDef, a new air defense command, and control system. 

Thai Air Force Buy LANZA 3D Radar

In the official Indra Company website, the company also said it would provide a comprehensive logistics package including training for operators and maintenance personnel, spare parts and guarantees for the Thai Air Force. 

LANZA is a family of advanced 3D radar systems based on fully modular and scalable architectures, both in hardware and software packages. 

Sharing the concepts of general logistics and life-cycle support, this radar family includes a variety of configurations tailored to the specific needs of each End User in all cases achieving the most demanding. 

Multi-scenario radar and multi-role not only meet current NATO requirements but also include all advanced functionality to meet future challenges. 

All radar systems in the LANZA family are tridimensional, solid state, operating in the L band, implementing exploration of the pencil beam or electronic control for increased radiation emission, with a distributed architecture, redundancy in critical elements, all of which enable degradation of soft files in case of certain failures. 

Indra Company has worked on the design, manufacture, operation, and integration of 3D radar for more than 30 years. Furthermore, theLANZAA radar family now operates on five continents. 

With this project, Indra closed the relevant agreement, which reaffirmed his position as a supplier of global Defense and Security technology solutions. At the same time,Indraa strengthened its commercial position in the Asia-Pacific region, where it has operated for more than two decades. 

Indra has offices in China, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Australia.Indraa has a permanent presence in Thailand through his commercial office, which opened in 2017. The company has sent three air traffic control radars, all of which are now operating.