Equipped with Vikhr-M, many countries are interested in Mi-35M

Russia continues to make great success in the field of helicopter development. At present, the Russian Mi-35M Hind E combat helicopter has attracted great interest in the international arms market, according to Bao Dat Viet.

Equipped with Vikhr-M, many countries are interested in Mi-35M

The main cause is because it has proven quite impressive on the battlefield in Iraq and Syria. Not stopping there, Russian researchers are still increasing helicopters. The latest version is now equipped with a combination of weapons equipped with laser-guided guided missiles, Vikhr-M.

The Vikhr-1 laser-guided anti-tank missile called NATO as the AT-16 Scallion is integrated with the Vikhr-M system and is a type of missile that is widely deployed on the next generation Ka-50, Ka-52 and Su-25T helicopters.

Thanks to the modernization of the Russian Mi-35, the helicopter can destroy tanks protected by high-quality armored shields from distances of up to 10+ km. Besides tanks, this can also destroy other armored vehicles very accurately, this can be used to attack other enemy targets.

The combat helicopter is also equipped with an innovative OPS-24N-1L optical tracking system, so the level of elimination of targets is very high.

In addition to the latest missile combinations, helicopters are also armed with various weapons. For example, to combat air targets such as helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), low-flying aircraft, the Mi-35M has been equipped with a combination of "Igla-S" missiles, NATO calls it the SA-24.

To improve the survivability of the Mi-35 is equipped with an integrated defense system, President-S35 ″, which has the ability to deactivate the enemy missile guiding device and then destroy the target.

The Mi-35 has two VK-2500-02 engines with a capacity of 2200 horsepower, which can drive up to a maximum speed of 300 km / h. The average cruise speed is around 220 km/hour. Height service reaches 5,400 m.

The operational scope for the basic version of the Mi-35 combat helicopter is 460 km. This range can be increased to 971 km if using 4 additional oil tanks.

In addition to the combat version, a transport helicopter variant also exists, the Mi-35M, which was launched in August at the Army-2018 International Military Forum. The Mi-35M was developed by the Mi Matzova Design Department, thanks to the Mi-24V / VP's deep modernization to improve helicopter performance and combat capabilities.

Thanks to excellent equipment, many contracts have been created and are in the process of being implemented. For example, in 2008, a contract was signed to supply Brazil with 12 units of Mi-35M3 helicopters worth US $ 150 million.

In 2010, there were also 22 Russian Mi-35M Air Force contracts (Mi-24VM) signed. Russia signed another contract to supply 27 helicopters to the Russian Air Force in the 2012-2014 period.

In 2010 orders were also received to send 24 units of Mi-35M helicopters to Azerbaijan. They were sent from December 2011 to January 2014.

In 2012, Iraq signed a US $ 4.2 billion in contracts to supply military equipment. Of these, there are 24 units of Mi-35M combat helicopters and full weaponry.